Proteomics Core

Indiana University School of Medicine
635 Barnhill Drive, Medical Science Building 0034
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202





The services offered are listed below and a charge is applied to ALL users of the resource. This charge offsets, only in part, the substantial running costs associated with maintaining the operations of the Proteomics Core. Details of the charges levied on work are available by contacting the Core Director.

Mass Spectrometry-based Protein/Proteomic Analysis
Protein Digestion                                                                         
Solution Digestion (chemical or enzymatic)

Manual in-gel digestion

Robotic in-gel digestion

Albumin Removal in Serum/Plasma Samples                                                                         
GenWay Seppro IgY columns

MARS kit

Sigma kit

Mass Spectrometry Analysis 

Mass determination using MALDI-TOF-MS                

HPLC sample fractionation                                              
ESI-MS/MS analysis (protein identification for simple or complex protein mixture)    

Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) using MALDI-TOF-MS (ProFound search included)           

ICAT/iTRAQ quantitative proteomic analysis

LC/MS-based label-free quantitative protein profiling (including statistical analysis) (biomarker discovery)

MudPIT protein profiling            

Post-translational modification analysis

SRM/MRM for targeted proteomic analysis / assay development (biomarker verification/validation)

Advanced data analysis (post-translational modification studies, differentiating isoforms, etc.)
LifeMarker Assays

Bone biology: single protein assay for P1NP or P3NP, human, rat, dog

Cardiovascular diseases: multiplexed assay for 12 different apolipoproteins: ApoA1, ApoA2, ApoA4, ApoB100, ApoC1, ApoC2, ApoC3, ApoE, ApoF, ApoM, PON1, PON3

Neuroscience: multiple forms of Abeta peptides: Abeta1-37, Abeta1-39, Abeta1-40, Abeta1-42

Inflammation: single protein assay for orosomucoid

Toxicity (cardiac): multiplexed assay for FABP3, MYL3, and troponin 1

Alcoholism: multiplexed assay for ADH gamma 1 and gamma 2

Obesity/Diabetes: single assay for active and inactive Ghrelin

Others: vitamin D2/D3 LC/MS/MS-based assays



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